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Friday, 25 November 2011

World's Richest Beggars....

World's Richest Beggars....!!!
  Reported  by MydeaMedia

       Ken Johnson, 52, Beggars Richest in the world, the income of Rp 418 Million / year. She always sits near the Myer store in Sydney's CBD (Central Business Discrict), 16 hours a day. Armed with the board's side, he could raise money to reach 418 million within a year from the dermawan.Tulisan was carrying read "Need help for family living expenses and buy medicine. Full payment is very boring. Leave me alone if you people are rude and abusive ". By way endure monotonous activities that man is to earn her Newcastle home on St. George and Market. On a normal day, he got the money between 600 thousand to 1.2 million rupiah a day. If lucky, 3.3 million dollars can go in a day bag.

         Richest beggar in IndonesiaSeptember 16, 2009 Cak To, so he used to be called. Grew up in a family of beggars, a career as a beggar, and now the boss dozens of beggars in Surabaya. From the line begging, he now had two motorcycles, a handsome car, and four houses. Here's the story of his life.

              Cak To not want his real name published. He also did not want her face looks when photographed for this daily. But, Cak To want to tell a lot about life and "career"of his. Of the children who come begging beggar couple, until now the boss for about 54 beggars in Surabaya.

             After decades of begging, Cak To now are able to enjoy life more. Since 2000, he no longer need to beg in the streets or housing. Self-managing 54 of his men, regular flow of money into the pockets. Now, every day, he confessed to obtain net income of Rp 200 thousand to USD 300 thousand. Means, within a month, he had a revenue of Rp 6 million to $ 9 million.

                 Cak To now have a house in West Surabaya, which was established on the land area of 400 square meters. In his hometown of Madura, Cak To have built two more houses. One for himself, one more to Ma and his father who had stooped. In addition, there was another house which he built in the city of Semarang. To go anywhere, Cak To have two motorcycles and a Honda Supra Fit Honda CR-V output kinclong 2004. *** It is not easy to meet a beggar boss.

                 When this journalist met in places that have been promised, Cak To come by car Honda CR-V is a metallic blue. Although a car is sleek, looks Cak To really does not look like a "man capable of". Her body was thin, black leather, with wavy hair and untidy impressed. From style to talk, people would also guess that the man born in 1960 were not educated enough. To Cak is never complete primary school.

                     Madurese language that occasionally mixed Indonesian, he was admitted two children aware that their profession will always dicibir people. However, the man from Bangkalan does not care. "The important thing is kosher," he said firmly. Cak To tell a story, almost all his life he lived as a beggar. Eldest among four siblings to undergo the world since before the age of ten years. According to him, shortly after the uprising G-30-S/PKI. Understandably, Ma and his father was a beggar in Bangkalan. "Before beginning, I asked Mother to beg at intersections," he said. Because begging in Bangkalan less "promising", the early 1970s, Cak To be invited parents moved to Surabaya. The brothers did not participate, deposited at grandma's house in a village in the vicinity of Bangkalan. Their first residence was in emprean a shop in the area of Red Bridge.
               For years they become beggars in Surabaya. As a teenager, "talent" to become the boss Cak To beggars began to appear. At that time, the money they get from begging is often deprived of thugs. Mr Cak To start the ailing, was unable to defend the family. As the oldest son, Cak To the one who fought back. "I often fight to keep the money," he said proudly. Although thin-boned body and plays only 155 cm, Cak To boldly against anyone. He did not even hesitate to attack its enemies use the knife if the money seized. Because that's courage, curly-haired man is then respected among the beggars. "Wis not nampek. Mon la nyalla sebet (If he makes trouble, I immediately Sabet, Red), "he said. Apart from having to deal with thugs, unpleasant experience occurred when he or another family affected by the raids officers Satpol PP. "We split up if you beg," he explained. If there are families affected by raids, would not want them to spend up to hundreds of thousands for free.

                Cak To belong to the beggars who want to learn. Many years of begging, a variety of "science" he's got to continue to improve earnings. Starting a way to dress up, how to talk, how to deal with officials, and so forth. The longer, Cak To become more senior, to be a mentor to other beggars. Income continues to rise. In mid 1990, the income Cak To have reached Rp 30 thousand to USD 50 thousand per day. "The point was good," he said. With increasing income, Cak To be able to buy a modest house in the village. When returning home, he often bought by-the quite luxurious. "I once bought a souvenir of a tape recorder and TV 14 inches," he recalls.

                When it is, Cak To begin climbing the steps to become a boss beggar. He began to collect his men. The story of "success" Cak To spread quickly in the village. The four friends followed him to Surabaya age. "Poor, their crops fail. Well, I take it, "he said lightly. Prior to Surabaya, Cak To teach them how to be a good beggar. Lessons that kept him continue when they lived in rented houses in the area of West Surabaya. "The first time, friends claimed to shame. But, I am convinced that with this job, they could help the brothers in the village, "he said.

              Because I had to beg as a group, they were for work-for the region. There is the housing in the area of South Surabaya, East Surabaya there. To be discreet, when leaving, they were neatly dressed. When we reached the "special post", Cak To and four colleagues were then change the appearance. Shown in tatters to attract pity and coins. Only a year of begging, the lives of four colleagues showed improvement. They no longer stay at home Cak To. Already have a contract on their own. In 1996 also, at the age of 36, Cak To end a single period. He edited a girl in his village. Since getting married, life Cak To continue to show improvement ...

Each year, the number of men Cak To continue to grow. More and more men, the more deposits they provide to Cak To. Hence, since 2000, he was not begging every day. Actually, Cak To not want to disclose the amount of deposit that he get every day. Once pressed, he eventually would like to open your mouth. That is, USD 200 thousand to Rp 300 thousand per day, which means USD 6 million to $ 9 million per month. According Cak To, he set no target for his men. He only asked for voluntary deposit. There are deposited every day, once a week, or once a month. "Yes, thank God, my men still loyal to me," he said. From that income, Cak To even be able to provide some livelihood to the mosque and musala where he stopped. He also recorded as regular supporters at a mosque in Gresik. "Charity is not worship. While we are still alive, many are doing a good deed, "he said. Now, with the lives that have been classified delicious, Cak To claim lives chasing one thing only. "I would like the pilgrimage," he said. If everything smoothly, Cak To'll realize it later in 2010 ...

Rich beggar ! old woman with huge money !

                 Rich Beggar !! It sounds funny, weird and meaningless but it is true ! An old woman named Rambai, living in the streets of khammam, AP, India was found having nearly Rs.80,000 cash in a cloth bag. Interesting thing is, she had nearly 10,000 to 15,000 coins in that bag !!

When she was begging in the streets, a theif snatched her money bag and ran away. She started shouting and police chased the thief. Fed up theif, threw the bag and ran away. After recovering the bag, police counted the money and found Rs.80,000 cash, for their surprise ! Police had a hard time in counting that money with so much of coins. It is said that she has collected this money by begging for years. The language barrier is an obstacle for police men to find her origin now.

Police men have created a Bank Account in her name and have deposited the money.

That old woman look like she would die in few years. But why she is collecting so much of money at this age, I don't know ! More sad thing is, she is still begging despite of owning so much of money. If she continue begging, there is no difference in she having money or the theif taking it away !

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