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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Tallest Tower in the World ! Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree - The Tallest Tower in the World !

The Tokyo Sky Tree, located in the Narihirabashi/Oshiage area of Sumida Ward, Tokyo, has been recognized as the tallest tower in the world ! Boasting a height of 634 meters, this tower has been built with Japanese Culture in mind.

Alistair Richards, Managing Director of Guinness World Records, confirmed the record by presenting the certificate to Michiaki Suzuki, President of Tobu Tower Sky Tree. This tower has replaced Canton Tower in Guangzhou, China, as the tallest tower, which stands at a height of 600 meters. Tokyo sky tree will be used for Television & Radio Broadcasting. It has also witnessed the complete transition from Analog to digital broadcasting in Tokyo !

The construction of this tower was started in July 2008, and has been finished this November. Tokyo Sky Tree employs the Japanese cutting edge technology in reproducing the traditional architectural know-how of the 'Shimbashira-Seishin' (center column vibration control) used in the five-story pagoda. This tower holds  digital TV antenna at the top and two observatories at the height of 350m and 450m.

The colour design of Tokyo Sky Tree is a blend of Japanese traditional beauty and neo-futuristic design ! The White colour has been used extensively, which the Japanese believe to be a colour that differentiate one from the rest and also to recall a symbolic value. Inspired by the technique of indigo dyeing, the Sky Tree White has a tint of blue in it. The faint bluish white gives a subtle luster to the Tower.

This tower is still not opened for public, but with a grand opening ceremony in spring of 2012, Tokyo Sky Tree will be made available for public.

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