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Friday, 25 November 2011

The ugliest DOG in the WORLD

Yoda, The ugliest dog in the World !

                       "You are pretty ugly !", this kind of statement seems weird but is buzzing all around. There are many shows and competitions which provide stage to showcase your beauty. But here is a competition for dogs, which is dedicated to find the world's ugliest dog, most importantly, it is running from last 23 years !

Yoda, a chinese-crested and chihuahua hybrid dog is named as winner of 23rd annual contest yesterday at sonoma marin fair in northern california. And it is now officially the world's ugliest dog. The proud owner of Yoda, Terry Schumacher of Hanford, California said that the dog has come a long way since she was found abandoned behind an apartment building.


Terry was scared when she first found this dog behind the apartment and thought it as a bubbled rat. But later on clear observation, she found it a dog and took her home for immediate care. This 14 year old dog replaced the last year's champ, one eyed chihuahua named Princess Abby, and earned her owner $1000 and a lovely trophy (how many days would we need to earn that decent sum of money ?!).

In last few years, chinese crested and chihuahua dogs have won this title many times. What is your bet, pretty, ugly, or pretty ugly ? ;)

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