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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The finger monkey is the smallest living primate in the world

The finger monkey is the smallest living primate in the world. They are so small that they cling to your finger when you try to hold them. Also known as "pocket-monkeys" & "tiny lions", they are native to the rainforests of Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia.
Monkey is a clever and pretty animal in the world, which is kept and adopted by some family. In the world, there are various kinds of monkeys living in the wild world, including pygmy monkeys, spider monkey, squirrel monkey and finger monkey. Finger monkey is the kind that most of people always keep. Thus, in the following, I will try to give an informative introduction about this lovely animal, and hope this will help you to learn about it.

Where can I find buy a finger monkey?

You may buy a monkey from a pet store in your city. However, you should pay attention to your regional law, as in some states to own wild mammals like monkey is illegal. In some states, you can keep such kind of monkey after you own the special permit, and in some states this field was not controlled.
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How much is a finger monkey?

Generally speaking, a common monkey cost $3,000 and $10,000, and special ones will receive as much as $20,000 to $30,000 or more. In addition, the death of this monkey also cost some money, and you can also feed it with some fruits, and vegetables, which will save a lot of money. Sometimes, you need give them some meat as well.

The Name of Finger Monkey

From this term, we know this monkey is very tiny. And finger monkey is also called pygmy marmoset, or dwarf monkey. This kind of monkey lives in the tropical forests of South America, and their average life span is around 15 years. The length of it is always to be 4.4-5.8 inches, with a tail of 6.5-9 inches. They communicate with each other using body gestures as well as trills and calls.

Some tips about keeping monkeys

Wild animals such as monkeys are social animals, so they have to live other creatures, which will provide them with more happiness, and normal life. In addition, monkeys are wild animals. After they grow up, they become aggressive and bring danger to you and your family members. Thus, you should be more careful, when you keep them. Finger moneys are safer due to their small figure, so you’d better keep such kind of monkey in your home.
With the numbers of people, who keep the monkey, products like toys, games, and other things become expensive these days, as the monkeys like the children also will get tired of the old things.
Thus, to keep monkey will bring too much fun, and it will also cost your some money.

Dr. Hari Nair