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Saturday, 26 November 2011

The World Bodypainting Festival - Celebrate Colors!

The World Bodypainting Festival - Celebrate Colors!

This world is miraculous and marvelous! Diversity is the beauty of this world. And festivals are colors to human life. Here is a festival for colors, the "World Bodypainting Festival" !
                       The World Bodypainting festival is an International body painting event, held every year since 1998, near the lake Worthersee, Portschach, Austria. This colorful event is a perfect blend of art, music and fashion, which provides a international stage for artists to display their body art. Deemed as the world's most colourful event, the festival week runs from 27th June to 3rd July every year. The first three days are dedicated for workshop classes and lectures on bodypainting and the next three days for the spectacular show.

           Every year, around 40 artists worldwide participate in this unique event to display their body art in front of thousands of visitors. The Bodypainting awards are presented to the winners of this international championship in six categories

                            Apart from the main categories, the night contest award called "World Fluoro Award" is also presented. Models are painted with fluoroscent colors and lit up with backlight on stage with spectacular effects. This year, awards were also presented in face painting category. 

Even though this festival is concentrated on body art, visitors are presented with music by international music groups and top DJs, before and after the show. With different themes every year, this event is gaining international reputation and attracting artists from around the world.
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