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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Japanese Jeans… Bringing Sexy Back

Japanese Jeans… Bringing Sexy Back

Posted by MydeaMedia 30/11/2011

Japan has come out with yet another sexy, wild, and edgy fashion trend with these Bikini Jeans, that act as both underwear and jeans.

Sandra Tanimura, a Sanna designer, created these jeans after customers mentioned they had a hard time keeping their low cut jeans up.

“We specialize in making low-rise trousers and our customers wanted them to get even lower. It was very difficult meeting these demands without the trousers falling down. I came up with the idea of using the bikini strings to let the trousers hang really low without falling,” she added.

Below are some shots of the jeans on a popular Japanese television show:

You can purchase these Bikini Jeans from Sanna’s Shop for about $88.

Like all trends, not everyone can pull it off quite the same.

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