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Friday, 25 November 2011

World's most Pierced Woman !

World's most Pierced Woman !

              So, it is all for Record and Fame sake. She don't like tattoos or piercings, but Elaine Davidson, the guiness record holder as most pierced woman on earth, do it all for Record ! In 2000, when she was first accredited by the Guiness world record officials, she had 462 piercings on her body, with her face alone bearing 192 !

As of now, she has almost 7000 piercings on her body. "I don't enjoy getting pierced, but to break the record, you have to get to high level", she says. Even though no one in her family like tattoos or piercings, she is happy that she decided to change and be herself, she explains proudly.

Few days back, that is last wednesday, she was married to Douglas Watson, a balding old man ! She lives in Edinburgh, UK with her 60 year old husband who has no space on his body for piercings. She is running a aromatherapy shop called "Tropical Rainbow" in the city. Her husband, Watson said that they met 15 years back in a coffee shop in Glasgow which has ended in thier marriage.


This former nurse from Brazil, is a multi talented lady who holds a black belt in Judo and enjoy Sky Diving, Horse Riding and other such extreme sports. She doesn't drink or smoke and she wants the world to know this.

She says, "she never removes rings and studs" which are said to weigh seven pounds !

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