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Friday, 25 November 2011

Naked Bride and Groom at Bizarre Weddings !

Naked Bride and Groom at Bizarre Weddings !

Phill Hendicott and Ellie Barton married nude in Brisbane,Australia. Phill had got a black top hat to cover his "manhood", while, Ellie had painted white to cover her "womanhood" ! They tied knot in front of 250 guests.

                  We have seen lot of bizzare things done by people to catch the attention of the world. And here are some of them who were married in their birthday suits to become famous overnight ! Nothing would be there in their mind except becoming famous. These nude weddings, all happened on air, that is on Radio, not Television (Thank God !). But you could find plenty of photos and videos wandering around the web ! After all these couples at centre of attention wish the photos reach last possible man on earth, I guess :D Some got awesome money to do this, while others did it just for fun and fame ! It seems like radio shows are the stage for these nude weddings ! All the below mentioned weddings have happened in Australia. Are they all inspired by one another ?!

This wedding happened at the Matt & Joe's nude wedding show. Josh and Shelly were the "lucky" couple to get married on air and were awarded with a engagement design ring worth $10,000 from an Australian Diamond Company !
This is Grant Bulpett & Kelly Raymond married at 2day FM Radio show in 2007 ! Marriage expenses were paid by FM Radio at the expense of getting married naked in front of 100s of guests !Got any bizarre idea in mind for your wedding ?! ;)
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