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Friday, 25 November 2011

Electro Man - Indian super human immune to electricity ! Current Mohan

Electro Man - Indian super human immune to electricity !

Some People have ability to do more than what a normal human being can do. As normal human beings, we are limited in what we can do, but there are some people, who can do extra-ordinary things, which always put us in wonder. Such people are rightly called as 'Super Humans' and here is a man whose body is immune to high voltage electricity !

While thousands of people around the world die because of electric accidents, Raj Mohan Nair, an Indian super human, can withstand large currents of electricity with no harms caused ! Normally, a fraction of one ampere could kill an average man, but Raj Mohan can conduct 10 ampere of current through his body !

His body is said to be ten times more resistant to electricity than normal human being's body. There is a story behind how he found out this super power inside him. When his mom died, Raj Mohan broke down and decided to die. So he went to hold a high tension wire of an active transformer. On holding the live wire, nothing happened in real! He himself was shocked by this incident and came to know about his resistance power.

He wraps exposed wires around his body, and electricity flows from main plug, through his body, to electric bulbs, iron plates, mixer grinders etc, but he suffer no electric shock. 

This kind of things happen rarely and not everyone can do this. Raj Mohan's body has a high resistance power which, no normal human posses. So please don't try this at home, 'cause your Life is precious :) 
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