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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

10 Useful Free Online signature Maker

10 Useful Free Online signature Maker

Posted by MydeaMedia

A signature is a handwritten depiction of someone’s name that a person writes on documents as a proof of identity and intent.In e-mail and newsgroup usage, another type of signature exists which is independent of one’s language.Many individual who ran site must have signature.These will attract many click through from your signature.The person signatures have far better advantages than increasing your rankings.
Many sites supports free online signature that provides Rich Formatting and an Image to Your Signature.To create a signature you need you first name ,last name , underlining signature , Size of the first letter in signature.And today we present you 10 Useful Free Online signature Maker and hope you like this.

1. My Live Signature : Online Signature Generator

Ever wanted to spice up your emails with a unique personal signature? Check out MyLiveSignature – an online signature generator where you can both create the signature and learn how to integrate it into your emails.
online signature maker 1 10 Useful Free Online signature Maker

2 .123pimpin

Free online name signature generators to create your own name sigs and use it for sending an outlook email message or for use on your myspace profile .
online signature maker 2 10 Useful Free Online signature Maker

3. mobilefish

Create your own personal signature which you can use on websites, blogs and emails.
There are three methods to create a signature.
online signature maker 3 10 Useful Free Online signature Maker

4. webestools

Welcome on the online Signature Maker (for forums),
this generator let you create free online web 2.0 signatures that you can put in forums(like phpBB, VBulletin…). This generator generates 500px*100px PNG-24 Signatures.
online signature maker 4 10 Useful Free Online signature Maker

5. Online Signature Pad

online signature maker 5 10 Useful Free Online signature Maker

6. myfreesignaturemaker

My Free Signature Maker allows you to generate a free signature to add to your outgoing emails.
online signature maker 6 10 Useful Free Online signature Maker


SignNow is perfect for simple, free signings – use it as much as you’d like! We offer the most effective way to e-sign digital files without the need to scan, fax or mail documents.
online signature maker 7 10 Useful Free Online signature Maker


With our Free Online Avatar and Signature Maker you can create your own custom forum, my space, facebook or any other avatar or sig.
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10 .

online signature maker 10 10 Useful Free Online signature Maker

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The Most Dangerous Man In America

The Most Dangerous Man In America

Posted by MydeaMedia
Mark Hyman

Just who is the most dangerous man in America?

There are countless people who could be named as the nation's most dangerous. 
Hungarian immigrant George Soros may come to mind for many.  The billionaire has no shortage of domestic and worldwide critics.  A few may be envious of his financial success.  But for most it is because of the extremist policies he's pushed, the front groups he has financed, and the economic devastation he has wrought abroad.
Soros has single-handedly created more hatred toward the U.S. in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, than any George Bush policy dreamed up in the newsroom of the New York Times.
Soros' funding of radical causes and groups and his frightening influence in major news organizations causes the most even-tempered Americans to blanch.
For the political left, the most dangerous individual may be Sarah Palin.  The energetic former Alaska governor has the wit and wisdom, good looks, and populist charm to make her a legitimate threat to wrestle control of Washington, DC from establishment politicians, both Republican and Democrat. 

After hating Palin, liberals would next like to jam a monster-size hat pin into their Michele Bachmann voodoo doll.
AFL-CIO leader Richard Trumka clearly views Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as the most dangerous.  Walker's pulling the state of Wisconsin back from the brink of financial ruin by reining in out-of-control employee wages, benefits, and pensions was an affront to the cozy nexus of state politicians and employee unions and their plundering of the state treasury.
The eventual 2012 Republican presidential nominee will be tagged by Democrats as the most dangerous regardless of who he (or she) will be.  Democrats loved John McCain for more than a decade but took a leave of absence from being enamored with the Arizona senator during January-November 2008 when he had become the most dangerous man in America.

However, equilibrium has been restored.  McCain is no longer a presidential nominee and he is back to voting in lockstep with Democrats and they love him again.
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich previously thought Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI-1) is the most dangerous man in America because Ryan, according to Gingrich, was a "conservative imposing radical change" in Medicare and was guilty of "right-wing social engineering."  After those intemperate remarks on Meet the Press, the few supporters of Gingrich's presidential campaign might be forgiven for thinking Gingrich is the most dangerous man in America.  Or at least they may think he is the most dangerous man to the Gingrich campaign. 
Gingrich may now believe the most dangerous is any one of the staffers left serving on his campaign.  That is, if there are any remaining.
The national news gatekeepers view those who report the stories they ignore or who offer balanced reporting as a threat to the decades-long status quo and therefore that makes them dangerous.  Leading the list is the indefatigable Rush Limbaugh.  As a talk radio host, Limbaugh offers more facts than do straight-news journalists like, say, CNN reporter and Obama adviser Fareed Zakaria. 

Others in the news industry viewed as dangerous include the entrepreneurial Andrew Breitbart, undercover savant James O'Keefe, and the mercurial Glenn Beck.
O'Keefe and other citizen-journalists have uncovered fraud, corruption, or simply abhorrent behavior in favored liberal groups such as ACORN, National Public Radio, and Planned Parenthood earning these new-age journalists both the scorn of embarrassed newsrooms and the ire of the Democrat Party's central planners.
Some consider George W. Bush as dangerous.  He is blamed for every misfortune that befalls America (real or imagined), including those that have occurred deep on the watch of his successor.  If a 13-year-old Malia Obama secretly gets her ears double-pierced Bush will be blamed for that, too.
Many justifiably view Barack Obama as a legitimate threat to America.  In two years and with an overwhelming Democrat majority in both chambers of Congress, the former community activist and 20-year cult member in the House of Jeremiah Wright has forced the nation to accumulate more public debt than the first 40 presidents combined. 
His wealth redistribution policies, loathing of American exceptionalism, and destructive domestic policies have done more to damage the American dream than anyone could have imagined -- including the Soviet Politburo.
Obama may be very dangerous but, at the moment, he is not the most dangerous man in America.
That distinction belongs to House Speaker John Boehner.
The biggest long-term threat facing America is its precarious financial predicament.  If our nation's fiscal health was a prize fight then the referee would be readying himself to call it. 
The U.S. needs immediate attention focused on its finances and Boehner is content to kick the can down the road.  Sadly, he doesn't want to upset the apple cart and inconvenience those members of the Republican conference who engage in generational theft.
The national debt was nine trillion dollars when Obama took office.  In two years time it skyrocketed to more than $14 trillion.  Trillion-dollar annual deficits have become commonplace.  In the Obama spending plan, annual deficits would continue in perpetuity.  Failed Keynesian economics would live on.
Yet, when finally given the opportunity to gently apply a tourniquet to the nation's fiscal hemorrhage, Boehner fainted at the first sight of blood. 
House Republicans have understandably rallied around the long-term budget plan authored by Rep. Ryan that envisions a slow and plodding path for the nation's return to fiscal sanity.  There are other, more aggressive plans that do not wait to balance the budget until after ten winter and summer Olympics have come and gone as does the Ryan plan.  But those other budget plans never got the time of day from Boehner.

Ryan's plan proposes to cut trillions of dollars in government spending over the next decade.  Yes, trillions.  But not until 2030 will the budget come into balance.  Even with such a snail's pace approach, Boehner has been inching away from the Ryan plan.
Boehner's performance in present-day budgeting has been just as atrocious.  When given the chance to modestly trim the current fiscal year (FY-2011) appropriations, Boehner went outside for a smoke.
House Republicans ran on an election platform that pledged to trim $100 billion from the current fiscal year budget but GOP leaders immediately backed off that number shortly after the November 2010 election returns were apparent and instead offered a mere $32 billion in cuts.
Freshmen Republicans and Tea Partiers pressured Boehner to up the figure to $61 billion, a far cry below the proffered $100 billion.  Yet, that Jenny Craig "after"-sized figure proved to be too much for the House Speaker and he eventually negotiated a mere $38 billion.  That is, until the Congressional Budget Office read the actual numbers on Boehner's cocktail napkin and realized it tallied a miniscule $352 million.
Boehner would have the public believe that surrendering on cuts measuring a microscopically small 0.01 percent of government spending on an annualized basis would make it easier to achieve trillion-dollar cuts in the years ahead.  Really?

In all fairness, House Republicans who control only one-half of the legislative branch in Washington, DC do face challenges.  Negotiating on the budget with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama is akin to a sheep discussing the dinner menu with a pair of wolves.  Still, there is the not-so-insignificant power of Article I Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution: "All bills for raising revenue should originate in the House of Representatives ..."  House Republicans have the most leverage of any entity in Washington, DC when it comes to spending (or not spending) money if they choose to use it.  Boehner chooses otherwise.
Boehner failed on the 2011 spending negotiations.  He also surrendered on a number of appropriations riders that carried weight aside from reducing spending.
Appropriations riders that have legitimate policy implications should have never been taken off the table such as the one defunding Planned Parenthood.  Taxpayers should have never been in the business of funding the world's largest abortion factory even if the country were not in a fiscal mess.  Why fund Planned Parenthood?  Why not fund penis enlargement clinics and tattoo removal parlors?  (The cynic in me says public money is probably funding those, as well.)   
Redirection of taxpayers' money via Congress to favored political groups is a cancer and is a contributing reason as to why our nation is in dire financial straits.  Congress writes checks that can no longer be cashed.
And in the case of Boehner when it comes to taking a firm stand against spending -- he caved, he folded, he surrendered.
(By the way, what is up with all of the crying by Boehner?  He delivered a sniffle-filled, weepy-eyed soliloquy to his GOP colleagues in the final hours of the budget negotiations.  Boehner cries more often than a teenage girl without a prom invitation.)
Boehner does not even allow constitutional matters to interfere with the business of upholding one's oath to the Constitution.  When Obama's war "kinetic military action" in Libya clearly violated the War Powers Act of 1973, Boehner argued otherwise.  Fortunately, his own conference pressured him to conduct a do-over.
The signs of what was to come were evident early on.  As Boehner divvied up the Election Day spoils he remained loyal to his Establishment Republican roots as if he were Anthony Weiner clutching his Blackberry.  Given the choice of appointing as committee chairmen Republicans with fiscal conservative and strong business credentials Boehner instead gave the finger to the public and the Tea Party that helped elect him Speaker and appointed Hal Rogers (R-KY-5) to chair Appropriations and Fred Upton (R-MI-6) to Energy and Commerce. 
Was it lost on Boehner that Rogers' longtime nickname is the "Prince of Pork" or that Upton was a devout parishioner in the Al Gore Church of Global Warming and helped foist upon America curly-fries light bulbs (CFL) and other aspects of the "green" agenda?
No doubt Boehner is itching to raise the national debt ceiling because that is what Establishment Republicans want to do.  It is true that House leaders vow they'll get spending concessions from the White House before the debt ceiling is raised.  But it is all meaningless. 
Congress will vote to raise the debt ceiling.  Then the House will pass spending bills with modest cuts that will head to the Senate where -- as Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Rogers already know -- they will die. 
Maybe the Senate will act on the three security-related appropriations (Defense, Military Construction, and Homeland Security) because that is good politics but, the rest will die in the upper chamber.  In their place, "compromise" spending legislation will be passed out of Congress and happily signed into law by Obama.  It will be business as usual on Capitol Hill.
However, Boehner could prevent this from happening by refusing to address the national debt ceiling until after all twelve fiscal year 2012 appropriations measures -- with significant cuts -- are signed into law.  But he won't.  This is why he is so dangerous.
Mark Hyman hosts "Behind the Headlines," a commentary program for Sinclair Broadcast Group.

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Monday, 30 January 2012

Stainless Steel Digital Spoon Scale With 2 Spoons

Stainless Steel Digital Spoon Scale With 2 Spoons

MydeaMedia 2012 Product Hunt

Stainless Steel Digital Spoon Scale With 2 Spoons

Admetior Stainless Steel Digital Spoon Scale makes measuring job in kitchen easier than ever. It can measure everything in ounces and grams (your choice) using its detachable scoops (includes tablespoon and teaspoon). Get one and make perfect healthy recipes with exact measures. Price| $24.21

Top 10 Most Powerful Brands in the World

Top 10 Most Powerful Brands in the World

Posted by MydeaMedia

These brands are powerful because they are both financially strong as well as popular among consumers.

1. Google
This brand is valued at about 66 billion dollars and is undoubtedly the most powerful brand in the world. This search engine was started by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1996. Google is known for its unique innovations and mind-boggling growth rate. Google has become so big that the term is now in the dictionary.

2. General Electric
General Electric has been valued at about 61 billion dollars which makes it the second most powerful in the world. GE looks into a number of spheres including industrial technology, information technology, financial services, oil, films and much more. GE is very popular in India as well.

3. Microsoft
Microsoft Corporation earns about 44 billion dollars on a yearly basis and its brand value is about 54 billion dollars. Bill Gates owns the brand and founded it in 1975. Microsoft provides employments to over 75,000 people across the globe and Gates is both feared and admired by competitors.

4. Coca-Cola
This brand has been valued at approximately 44.134 billion dollars which makes it the fourth most powerful in the world. The company was incorporated in 1892 by Asa Griggs Candler. It was later bought by Woodruff and Bradley. While it may not be the most powerful in the world, it is definitely the most well-known.

5. China Mobile
The brand has been valued at about 41 billion dollars and is the country’s largest mobile operator. It has over 290 million subscribers and its turnover is almost as much as Vodafone year after year. China Mobile is extremely popular in Hong Kong and is the largest there.

6. Marlboro
Marlboro is worth about 39 billion dollars and is undoubtedly the most popular cigarette brand in the world. The brand has monopolized the industry with its famous billboard and magazine advertisements.

7. Wal-Mart
This brand’s value has been estimated at about 36 billion dollars. Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the United States of America and sells the largest number of toys in the country as well. It was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton and became a part of the stock exchange 10 years later. The company is now owned by his widow, his daughter and three sons.

8. Citi
Citi has a brand value of about 33 billion dollars and was formed in 1998 after a 140 billion dollar merger. This company was taken over in 1993 by Primerica and is world renowned for being the first- automobile policy, space travel policy as well as commercial airline policy. The company’s name changed to Citibank during the 1970s and Charles Prince is the CEO today.

9. International Business Machines Corporation
Also known as IBM, this multination company deals with computer technology. It has its headquarters in New York and has about 350,000 employees all over the world. IBM was established during the latter half of the 1880’s and became a part of the stock exchange after 1915.

10. Toyota
Toyota’s brand value is about 33 billion dollars, making it the 10th most powerful in the world. It is a Japanese company and the world’s largest automobile manufacturer of buses, automobiles, robots and trucks. It has its headquarter in Aichi and generated about 179 billion dollars in terms of revenue during 2006. The present chairman is Fujio Cho and Katsuaki Watanabe is the CEO of the company.
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Top 10 Most Powerful Countries

Top 10 Most Powerful Countries

A number of political science surveys have said that the following countries are the most powerful today: INBCST 2010

1. The United States of America
This country is the largest economy today and has the strongest army as well as a very powerful democracy. It is also said to be a superpower and its media is very influential as well. It has built itself and its power ever since it gained independence and is only getting more powerful. The country controls international relations and is a part of a number of influential bodies.

2. Russian Federation
The Russian Federation has the second most powerful army and controls a number of states in the Central Asian area. It has a very large population and immense world area. These factors allow it to stay independent and prevent external forces from meddling in the political, economic and financial issues of the country. Because of its size, Russia has the resources to become a superpower.

3. Peoples Republic of China
Peoples Republic of China is said to have the 4th largest GNP in the world. It has gained supremacy only recently over Britain and France. It has a large army and immense potential to become the most powerful country in the world.

4. France
France is a part of the UN Security Council and is said to be the fifth most powerful country in the world. It is a great nuclear power and influences many African nations. The French have a large army which helps in maintaining law and order. It is a G7 economy and part of the European Union.

5. Britain
Britain is part of the UN Security Council as well. It has powerful nuclear weapons and the democracy is considered to be the most stable as well. As a G7 economy and as a leading country in areas like music, films and media, the country has immense influence when it comes to world politics. It is a part of the European Union as well.

6. Japan
Japan has an extremely large economy and is a leading democratic power. The population of the country is large but since the competition is intense, it features below USA, China, France and Britain.

7. Republic of India
India is very populous and has a well-known democracy which gains its power from the detailed Constitution of India. The economy is growing at a staggering rate and the nuclear weapons are becoming more and more powerful.

8. Federal Republic of Germany
Germany has the third largest economy in the world and features in the list of the most powerful European Union members. However, it was greatly affected during the two World Wars which hampered its influence over the world.

9. Republic of Pakistan
Pakistan has a very large Muslim population and powerful nuclear weapons. It is a united country but since it spends a hefty sum on military dictatorship, it has not become truly powerful. In addition to that, even though it has good resources, the battles with India have made the country very weak in these terms as well. Therefore, if it can replenish these resources and find a way to balance its political standing, it will be able to become more powerful.

10. Republic of Brazil
The Republic of Brazil is very large and is part of Latin America. It is said to hold the largest Portuguese speaking population in the world. In addition to that, the media of the country is quite stable and its relations with the rest of the world are quite secure.
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Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Brother of Jesus ?

The Brother of Jesus:
The Dramatic Story & Meaning of the First Archaeological Link to Jesus & His Family

  • ISBN-10: 0060581174

  • ISBN-13: 978-0060581176

  • Hershel Shanks, Ben Witherington III
    Book Look :MydeaMedia with Biologicz

    The first definitive account of what scholars and the media are calling 'the most important archaeological discovery' about Jesus and his family.

    This is the definitive story of the recent discovery of the first–century ossuary (limestone bone box) with the legend 'James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus', and its implications for understanding Jesus, his family (mother, father, brothers), his followers, the first Christians and the Jewish Christian movement in Jerusalem that James led. This ossuary is the first ever archaeological discovery directly confirming the existence of Jesus, and his relationship to his father, Joseph, and brother, James, who became the leader of the important Jewish Christian community in Jerusalem. No one is as qualified and well connected to recount the discovery and its authentication as Hershel Shanks, whose magazine first broke the story.

    Before lay readers can grasp the significance of this book, they’ll need a little historical reference. In the time of Jesus, the Jews of Jerusalem often buried their dead in tombs. After a year, when the flesh had disintegrated, it was customary to gather the bones and place them in a small limestone chest called an ossuary. Sometimes the name of the deceased would be inscribed onto the outside of the box. Flash forward to the spring of 2002 when Andre Lemaire, a specialist in ancient texts, was asked to read the Aramaic inscription on an ossuary that was owned by a collector in Israel. When Lemaire translated the inscription--"James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus"--he knew he had just stumbled upon an artifact in the same caliber as the lost Ark of the Covenant.

    Just as this artifact is now in safe hands, so is the amazing story of its discovery. Co-authors Hershel Shanks (The Mystery and Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls) and Ben Witherington III (The Jesus Quest) are esteemed scholars as well as riveting storytellers. They expertly recount the exciting moments of discovery and the darker moments of despair (at one point the ossuary is improperly shipped and breaks into five pieces). They build a convincing case against its forgery and offer a flourishing finish in which they delve into the life of James, who was a linking force between the Jews and Christian of the first millennium, and could possibly continue that role into the second millennium. --Gail Hudson --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

    From Publishers Weekly

    Last October, biblical archaeologists stunned the world with news that a limestone ossuary with the inscription "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus" had surfaced in Palestine and may have once contained the bones of James, the early church leader and brother of Jesus of Nazareth. While it may seem a startling claim for the unassuming and unadorned 20-inch box, numerous scholars who have examined the ossuary now vouch for its first-century origins, if not its theological significance. Jews employed ossuaries for a relatively brief historical period (approximately 20 B.C. to A.D. 70), which fits with the textual evidence of James's martyrdom around A.D. 62. This book is the first full-length treatment of the ossuary, and is written by a couple of big guns: Shanks is the editor of the Biblical Archaeology Review (which first broke the story), and Witherington is a seminary professor and author of a score of books on the Bible. Their collaboration is a well-argued and truly fascinating study of the ossuary and its importance. The opening chapters tell of the box's discovery and authentication, while the later chapters discuss its potential relevance and describe what is at stake if the ossuary is genuine. Particularly interesting is the book's discussion of what the ossuary does for Jewish-Christian relations: James, the bishop of Jerusalem, was known for encouraging Christians to retain aspects of their Jewish heritage instead of jettisoning that heritage as Paul had. This engaging book invites readers to ponder the numerous questions and possibilities raised by the ossuary's discovery.

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    Top 10 Most Famous Robberies In History

    Top 10 Most Famous Robberies In History

    Posted by MydeaMedia

    These people stole millions and billions and will go down in history for carrying out the most famous robberies in history.

    1. Harry Winston
    This robbery was carried out in December 2008 when out of four men, three were dressed like women entered a jewelry store and forced the working staff to rob it. They stole jewellery worth 108 million dollars.

    2. Antwerp Diamond Center
    Those diamonds that are uncut are made to go through a process that is carried out at the Antwerp Diamond Center. Leonardo Notarbartolo headed a gang which managed to empty out 123 deposit boxes out of 189. The gems they stole were worth 100 million dollars and were never found.

    3. United California Bank Robbery
    A group headed by Amil Dinsio robbed the United California Bank. They cleaned out the safe deposit vault and managed to remove about 30 million dollars. While this may not seem like too much after going through this list, fact is that this robbery took place in 1972 and this money will probably be worth over 100 million dollars today. Even though the details are not clear, one can safely say that it was a great robbery!

    4. Schiphol Airport Heist
    This diamond robbery is considered to be the largest of its kind as gems worth over 118 million dollars were stolen. While a majority of these robberies involved fantastic plans and remarkable execution, this one didn’t. Their basic plan was to smash, grab and run. Four men carried it out and several have been arrested on the grounds that they were associated with the crime.

    5. British Bank of the Middle East
    In 1970, a terrorist group called PLO needed money so they decided to rob a number of banks and the most significant one was the British Bank of the Middle East. They stole gold, current and stocks worth over 25 million pounds which would be worth about 100 million dollars today.

    6. Knightsbridge Security Deposit
    Valerio Viccei was a well known thief who moved to England from Italy and decided to continue his ‘trade’. He, along with his gang, emptied out safe deposits and left the bank with about 174 million dollars. However, he was arrested because he came back to England to get his Ferrari and was sentenced to over 20 years in prison. Unfortunately, he was killed in the year 2000.

    7. Baghdad Bank Robbery
    This bank robbery was carried out in 2007 in Iraq by 3 guards who worked at the bank. They managed to empty out about 282 million dollars and it has been speculated that they took the help of some militias. The money was never recovered and the media did not think it necessary to cover this robbery as much as they should have.

    8. Boston Museum
    Two men disguised themselves as police officers and told the security guards at a particular Boston museum that they were doing a routine check. They took 81 minutes and stole about 12 paintings which were worth 300 million dollars 20 years ago.

    9. City Bonds Robbery
    In May 1990, a messenger was carrying bearer bonds when he was mugged. Since bearer bonds are as good as cash, the person who mugged him was quite lucky. The worth of these bonds has been estimated at 292 million pounds at that time.

    10. Central Bank of Iraq
    Saddam Hussein felt that the Central Bank of Iraq was his own and that he could withdraw any amount whenever he wanted. He sent his son to withdraw over 1 billion dollars but was soon caught.

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    Amazing Banana Art

    Amazing Banana Art
    The innovative ideas of human beings are outstanding. And if that person who creates a new thing is an artist, then whatever he creates, provides immense pleasure to others. In this context Banana art is a latest development of drawing on a yellow banana or carving on a peeled banana.

    When talking about Banana art the very first name comes in this field is Japanese artist Keisuke Yamada. Recently he is in news as he has created a number of banana arts by carving human faces resembling different characters of movies and also normal human faces with different expressions.
    Among the created faces the faces of Elvis and Davey Jones from Pirates of The Caribbean have become more popular.
    He uses a toothpick and a spoon as tools to create those figures. If I am not wrong this is for the first time the arts has been done on peeled bananas.

    Banana art is an art drawn on a banana. This is a category of Fruity art. The artists need to be very fast in this form of art to perform, as nature will not allow them abundant time to create. The time limit is approximately half an hour to carve the art on the peeled banana otherwise it will start to rot and turn brown.

    Yamada, who is an electrician, has a funny habit of eating those bananas after taking a photo of the created art.

    Till now Banana art was limited to unpeeled bananas only. Mr. Riss a Canada based designer first thought of the idea to draw on a banana.

    We here at 'News and Features' expect more in future from these talented creative artists and wish them all the best.
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