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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Traditional Hairstyles for Modern Korean Beauties

Traditional Hairstyles for Modern Korean Beauties
Posted by MydeaMedia
Traditional hairdos for Korean women are largely divided into chignons,(A chignon is basically a twist or a roll of hair.) the most basic form, and graceful and elaborate ornamental arrangements. Even today, they are worn on festive occasions or by brides having a traditional wedding.

1. Plaited-braids

The plaited-braid was only allowed for unmarried women in the Chosun Dynasty (1392-1910). The three-strand braid is tied with a long, red pigtail ribbon (daenggi) at the end, while an ornamental piece (baesssi daenggi) decorates the hair.

2. Traditional Wedding Hairdo

This features flamboyant adornments with a simple chignon beneath. It matches the traditional wedding garment or "hwarot," a magnificent wedding gown in crimson silk with wide sleeves.

3. Modern Interpretation

The bride's hair is pulled back into a chignon, and a toque decorated with corals and beads sits on the crown of the head. Worn along with the hairdo is the "nogwonsam," or green, decorative ceremonial topcoat.

4. Gisaeng Style

While traditional Korean dresses are represented by the words "elegant" and "refined," the clothes worn by female entertainers of the Chosun Dynasty exude splendor and voluptuousness. Accentuating them, the hairdo known as "tre meori" features a braided coil. This style is often found in the genre paintings of the era.

5. Fusion Wedding Hairdo

A combination of Korean chignon and Western bun, this hair style maximizes Eastern beauty.

How To Do A Classic Chignon Hairstyle:
They look simple in the front, and gorgeous at the back.

1. Get a brush and smooth out your hair.

2. Make a low ponytail using a hairband, right at the nape of your neck.

3. Split your ponytail in half, take a brush and tease the two sides you split.

4. Take one of the sections and smooth it out with a brush.

5. Twist under and secure it using bobby pins.

6. Repeat step 4 and 5 with the other side.

7. Finish it off with a hairspray or gel.
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