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Friday, 6 January 2012

The Most Expensive Celebrity Body Parts

The Most Expensive Celebrity Body Parts

Posted by MydeaMedia

When you’re nothing without your ass, tongue or middle finger, it makes sense to insure them for all they’re worth. Here are some celebs who took the term “million dollar smile” all the way to the bank.

10. Gene Simmons- $1 Million Tongue

9. Troy Polamalu- $1 Million Hair

8. Keith Richards – $1.6 Million Middle Finger

7. Dolly Parton- $3.8 Million Breasts
6. Tom Jones- $7 Million Chest Hair

5. America Ferrera- $10 Million Smile
4. Rod Stewart- $15.5 Million Voice
3. David Beckham- $70 Million Legs
2. Jennifer Lopez- $300 Million Buttocks
1. Mariah Carey- $1 Billion Legs
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