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Friday, 20 January 2012

Top 6 Most Eligible Bachelors in the World

Top 6 Most Eligible Bachelors in the World

Posted by MydeaMedia

By Shoba de

This is the list of the most eligible bachelors in the world. The men on the list were chosen by women from all around the world. These men are either royalty or have made their fortunes from scratch. But one thing is for sure they are all extremely handsome.

1. Prince Harry

Top 6 Most Eligible Bachelors in the World
Prince Harry is on the top of the list of most eligible bachelor. When you are a prince you don’t have to do pretty much anything to get on the top of the list. In the summer of 2010 he split up with Chelsea Davy, the daughter of a successful entrepreneur from South Africa. If you want to meet him, you just might find him dancing in one of the posh clubs in London. Prince of Wales is famous for scandals but since he bears the title of Captain Army Air Corps no man can match him. That’s why he’s number one.

2. Alexander Ovechkin

Top 6 Most Eligible Bachelors in the World
This 26-year-ol hockey player from Russia is the second bachelor on our list. This guy did the impossible he got the 13-year contract with “Washington Capitals” ($ 124 million). It was because he is the best. He scored most points and was among the best players of the decade according to the NHL. However, if you want to catch this stud, you must be a Russian girl because he said that he’ll only marry a Russian girl. But who knows, love is a strange thing.

3. Justin Timberlake

Top 6 Most Eligible Bachelors in the World
This multitalented singer, songwriter, dancer, actor is still in search of his soul mate. He likes to be in a strong and long relationship. If you were wondering where to find him, just look under the spot light and he’ll be there.

4. Prince Carl Philip

Top 6 Most Eligible Bachelors in the World
No lady has stolen the heart of this handsome young prince. If you want to be a part of a Swedish fairytale you might look for his in one of his favorite cities- Helsinki or Stockholm. Unfortunately, his bride has to be of royal blood. He also likes creative girls, since he holds a diploma in art photography.

5. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Top 6 Most Eligible Bachelors in the World
He is another royal bachelor. He is the son of the ruler of the emirate of Dubai , a graduate of the London School of Economics. This handsome 29-year-old prince is the heir to the $ 18 billion worth throne. You have 18 billion reasons to like him. He liked spending his free time in Europe. He likes modest and quiet girls. As modesty and humility are the main features of Arab wives.

6. George Clooney

Top 6 Most Eligible Bachelors in the World
This handsome legendary bachelor doesn’t seem to be settling down any time soon. But you never know. This 50-year-old actor has captured many women’s hearts. Recently, Clooney broke up with Elisabetta Canalis ( Elisabetta Canalis) even though it was speculated that they’ll get married. All in all it seems that Clooney is not ready to tie the knot, he preferred the company of his pig. But since his hog died, he might have more time to date. He must bear in mind that his good looks won’t be there forever.
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