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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Georgia Aquarium - The Largest Aquarium in the World !

Georgia Aquarium - The Largest Aquarium in the World !

Posted By MydeaMedia 01/12/2011

It is like an ocean come into the city, Georgia Aquarium, located in Atlanta (US) is the largest Aquarium in the World. Georgia Aquarium has the capacity to hold more than ten million gallons of water and features more than 100,000 sea creatures belonging to 500 kinds of species !

This huge aquarium was made available to public on November 23, 2005. It was a gift to City of Atlanta by bernie Marcus, co-founder of 'The Home Depot'. Marcus donated $250 million to build this mega structure, which covers twenty acres of vast land.

Georgia Aquarium is not just a aquarium, but is a high tech hub with many more features like 4D Theater, vast ball room and correll center for aquatic animal health, etc. One of the major goals of this Aquarium is to be a leading centre for animal conservation and research. To date, Georgia Aquarium has attracted more than 11 million visitors around the world !

If you are ready to spend a decent sum, you can arrange your marriage, birthday party, meetings, or any other special event there ! They have educational programs for all ages to make learning a joyful experience.
The people of Georgia Aquarium are dedicated  to their vision to be the world's most engaging aquarium experience.
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