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Friday, 30 December 2011

Five favourite foods with poisonous hidden bite

Five favourite foods with Poisonous hidden bite

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Known around the world by various names suchas Wolf Peach or Love Apple, the delicious Tomato grows on a poisonous plant. The fruit itself is not affected by this substance, which is found in abundance in the stem and leaves, a chemical known as glycoalkaloid. Higher levels are found in wild tomatoes, but those grown domestically still contain it. This chemical is known to cause upset stomachs and nervousness. The leaves and stem can be used in cooking for flavor, but must be removed before eating. Like Potatoes, to which plant family.the Tomato belongs, this fruit is by no means completely benign.
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This is that with which Adam famously tempted Eve, and which has been a favourite of mankind since time began, but Apples are poisonous in certain aspects. The flesh of the fruit is perfectly safe to eat, and indeed bobbing for apples floating on water, which they do because the fruits are 25% air themselves, is a lot of fun. However the fruits do contain cyanide, to be found contained within the seeds in the Apple core. All of the seeds from a single fruit are not enough to cause death but is still not advisable. Ingest enough apple seeds after chewing and swallowed them canmake you very poorly indeed and quite possibly kill you. Be warned.

Everyone has some experience of eating chillies, and it is unimportant wether it was an extremely hot variety, or one of the milder types, every single pod contained capsaicin, the chemical responsible for their being spicy and sometimes very hot. Small amounts eaten are no problem, but eat enough and capsaicin can kill you. This strong chemical is used in paint stripper, and in pepper spray used by police forces. Some chillie types contain so much that the chemical burns the skin if you get some of it on there when cutting the chili up. Chiliesare good for you in another way though, as each pod is said to contain about 6 times as much Vitamin C as an orange.

Everyone loves to get at the cherry tree when the fruits ripen properly, and Cherries are indeed very versatile fruits, which can eaten raw, cooked as tart or sweet dishes and even used in certain liqueurs. In spite of their attractiveness and taste, at least where the flesh is concerned, cherries are toxic. Never chew on the cherry pip orkeep it on your tongue, because by doing so you risk getting hydrogen cyanide into your body., an extremely poisonous chemical released when the pips are crushed or chewed. This poison leads to headaches, dizziness, confusion, anxiety, and vomiting in mild doses, but bigger amounts cause labored breathing, ioverly high blood pressure and heart rate, and kidney failure. This can result in coma, convulsions, and death from suffocation of the respiratory system.

It is the most staple part of many diets around the world, and millions of tons are consumed every year, but how aware are the unsuspecting public of the disturbing revelation that potatoes are poisdonous? Not only are both stem and leaves of the plant toxic, so is the potato itself, especially it starts to turn a greenish color. Glycoalkaloid is the poison substance within the potatoes, having in the past caused deaths. Though such events are rare, most happen because the victim chose to drink potato leaf tea, or eat too green potatoes, so people should discard any that have green eyes, sprouts, or greenish skins, especially when cooking for children. Death from Glycoalkaloid poisons are not quick or easy, usually involving progressive weakness before falling into a coma. The pototo has actually made it into space as food for astronauts, and in 1995 potato plants were taken into orbit on the Columbia and actually grown in the wieghtless environment.

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