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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Noodle world record set in London’s Chinatown

Video: Noodle world record set in London’s Chinatown

Posted by MydeaMedia

The launch of animated movie sequel Kung Fu Panda 2 on DVD was marked in record breaking style in London recently with a successful attempt at the longest line of bowls of noodles title.
Gerrard Street in the UK capital's Chinatown region played host to the early Sunday morning attempt, which was organised by Paramount Home Entertainment alongside local Taiwanese restaurant Leong's Legends.
The attempt needed to beat a benchmark set by Coca Cola in Bangkok, Thailand in 2009 of 1,181 noodle bowls that had measured 191 m (626 ft 7in) in length.
Staff from Leong's Legends cooked the noodles in the early hours, before helping to place the bowls along the iconic street - a task which took two hours to complete.
Under the record guidelines, each bowl had to contain at least 100g of cooked noodles, while each bowl in the line had to touch the one behind and in front with no gaps allowed.
The line was eventually made up of 1,288 bowls and stretched down the full length of the iconic street before doubling back to cram more bowls into the space available. The final length of the line measured 367ft, beating the original record by a sizeable distance
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