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Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Best Gardens In The World Part 1: Butchart Gardens, British Colombia

The Best Gardens In The World Part 1: Butchart Gardens, British Colombia

Posted by MydeaMedia

Butchart Gardens is one of the most famous gardens in the world which is counted among the best of the best. Its no less than a heaven out there at Butchart Gardens located in British Colombia. The breathtaking views will keep you stunned for some time when you first visit the Butchart Gardens. Spread over an area of 50 acres, the Butchart Gardens is placed close to Vancouver Island. Theres never a dull season at Butchart Gardens, which keeps itself vibrating all throughout the year from the summers to the chilly winters.
It is one of the oldest gardens tracing its history way back to 1904. It has kept a touch with its past and adopted all the latest of this era to give the visitors a magnificent view. It is so beautiful that it will please your eyes and provide delight to your senses for a long time. The authorities take every care to maintain the beauty of the garden all the time. In the spring season, a few thousand of flowers bloom making the surrounding filled with all types of colours. The summers bring a different delight to the gardens with floral greets at almost every other corner of the Butchart Gardens.
As the sun sets, hundreds of lights of different intensities glow up to give the Butchart Gardens a splendid looks. It adds to the look and feel of the garden. It adds a magical touch to the already beautiful Butchart Gardens. In the autumn, the golden maples give a magnificent view to the Butchart garden. There are several functions which go on during the Christmas period, when the Butchart garden is decorated for all the guests and visitors alike. And in the chilly winter conditions also the Butchart Gardens doesn’t sleep. Different shrubs and other beautiful plants come up during this period making it the best visited season.
From June to September period you can visit the garden after 2 PM. You can enjoy the beauty of the garden to its best during the sunlight and after that, it will be more interesting with the help of those decorated lights which give a different touch to the overall beauty of the Butchart Gardens. As it is located just 21 Km away from the capital at Victoria, reaching to the Butchart Gardens is never an issue. Hoards of people from around the world visit the Butchart Gardens and enjoy its beauty to the maximum.
There are many different and affordable hotels near to the Butchart Gardens and in and around the capital city, so you can visit the place anytime during the year. As per your choice, you can pick up any season and come down here to enjoy the magnificent beauty of the Butchart Gardens. In different seasons, you will get to see many different and attractive flowers, plants and shrubs in the Butchart Gardens. So don’t miss out one of the most beautiful gardens of the world at Butchart Gardens. Take your time and go around all the corners and enjoy it.

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