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Monday, 19 December 2011

Most Expensive Signatures in the World

Most Expensive Signatures in the World
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Signature could be worth millions when written by a man who stays popular and famous even death or alive . Here’s a list of 5 most expensive signatures in the world.

5. Jimmy Hendrix Signature
Jimmy Hendrix Signature

This legendary rock star only live 27 years on this planet but he already did many great things that makes his name immortal. He is very influential guitarist, songwriter and rock singer. A piece of paper that was signed by him is worth £ 41,000.

4. Jimmy Page’s Signature
Jimmy Page’s Signature
Another Jimmy signed a guitar and that make it worth £ 49,000. His long name is Jimmy Page and he is a very famous English guitarist, songwriter, and Led Zeppelin band member. His signature is considered as one of the most valuable signature in the world till this date.

3. John Lennon’s Signature
John Lennon’s Signature
World knows him as one of the most influential English singer and songwriter. When he lived, he made loads of great song and founded The Beatles. In 2003, a copy of his signature was auctioned and bought for $ 525,000.

2. Abraham Lincoln’s Signature
Abraham Lincoln’s Signature
He was a famous politician, great general, respectful president and his name remains live in the head of all American Peoples. He stopped bloody civil wars that took 624,511 American soldiers. His signature on the Emancipation proclamation auctioned and sold for $ 748,000 in 1991 and it is the second most expensive signature ever.

1.William Shakespeare’s Signature
William Shakespeare’s Signature
It is no doubt that William Shakespeare is one of the most famous name in the history of human civilization. He is the superstar of English poet and he is known as the greatest writer in English literature. His signature is estimated worth $ 5 million and it is interesting fact that there is only 6 original signature like this in our planet.

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