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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

India Third Most Powerful Country In The World

India Third Most Powerful Country In The World

Posted by MydeaMedia

According to a report on powerful nations of the world released by the US,  India is Positioned at third place, behind US and China.
US alone accounted for nearly 22 percent of global power, thus enjoying the prime spot in terms of powerful nation/country/region of the world.
The new global power list compiled by US placed China ta the second position and India at the third place.

China power clout is around 12 percent of the global power and that of India is 8 percent.

Japan, Brazil and Russia accounted for less than 5 percent each.
The report predicted that power of China, India and Brazil will further rise by 2025.

According to the report by 2025 the power of the US, EU, Japan and Russia would decline while that of China, India and Brazil would increase, even though there would be no change in this listing.

Bu 2025 US will account for over 18 percent of the global power.

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