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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

why this Kolaveri di......Dhanush denies brand association with Emami Navratna

Why this Kolaveri di........

Dhanush denies brand association with Emami Navratna

Posted by MydeaMedia

New Delhi, Feb 15 (IANS) Southern actor Dhanush denies that he has any brand association with Emami or its brand Navratna that were reported to have partnered for in-film promotion for his Tamil film "3".
"I have no association with Emami or the brand Navratna and thus the brand has no promotional privileges as brand associates. I am not individually promoting the brand in any capacity, neither do they have any promotional rights with my film, as reported in certain newspapers," Dhanush said in an official statement.
According to reports, the singer-lyricist of viral hit "Kolaveri di" has been roped in to endorse Marico's Parachute Advansed hair oi