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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Interesting Ideas for this Valentine’s Day Date

Interesting Ideas for this Valentine’s Day Date

Posted by MydeaMedia

Valentine Day always has been a special day for lovers and each one of us aims to make our beloved feel special. So what's the plan this year? Will you be following the same old tradition of roses, chocolates and candle night dinner or you have that creativity to make this day unusual and amazing. Let's look at some fresh options this year, an attempt to make this Feb. 14 interesting for your special one.

1. Roses go without fail however a heart touching creative gift could be a real surprise for your sweetheart. Create a photo book, a beautiful collection of unforgettable moments of both of your life. Trust me your partner will enjoy this magnificent trip down memory lane.
2. Are you a good painter, poet or cook? Analyze your talent and gift your beloved the masterpiece, if he loves you, will definitely appreciate. If you knit, make him a scarf and matching mittens. If you are good at painting, make him a one of a kind piece to hang on the wall. Create a no-cost but ultra-meaningful gift for your guy.
3. Dinner reservations can be hard, expensive and sometimes even impossible to get on the 14th, so avoid the crowds and do brunch as an alternative. You can hang on over coffee and freshly squeezed juice, chat over something totally decadent and then end the afternoon with a romantic walk through your Neighborhood Park or lake.
4. Are you a cultural couple? Spend the day getting reacquainted with all of the galleries and museums your city has to offer. Plan a trip that builds in stops for snacks and coffee or wine!
5. Make your day adventurous in case your partner enjoys exploring something daring. Go skating, book a weekend ski or snowboarding trip.Go to your child hood days and drain your worries, and have a superb afternoon together.
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